Our Products

Below is a comprehensive list of the frozen products available from APEA. Those products not processed at our Watton site are sourced from factories worldwide that have been audited to APEA’s exacting standards to ensure that the quality supplied meets our customers many needs:




Broad beans   UK
Broccoli Crumb Spain, South America, China
Cauliflower Crumb UK, Belgium
Carrots Diced, Sliced, Fluted, Julienne, Baton or Puree UK
Celery Diced 10mm, Cut 13mm, 25mm Belgium, UK
Sweetcorn Kernels or Puree Spain, France, Hungary
Garlic Whole Cloves, Chopped 2mm, Puree China, France
Red & white Onion Diced, Sliced, Fried or Puree UK, Poland, Spain
Potatoes Diced UK
Parsnips Diced or Puree UK
Peas All grades, Petit Pois UK
Swede Diced, Julienne, Baton or Puree UK
Turnip Diced 100mm, 20mm or Puree UK

Peppa Pig

Introducing our flagship Peppa Pig range which includes. Peppa shaped carrots & potato faces. Based on the world wide Children’s smash hit series.


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