Operations and Quality Control

From the moment our raw material comes on from the field using our third party haulier we begin the strict quality control operation. The first of which is a visual check on intake to ensure the content and origin is as expected.

The product is then sent to the production line via various washes, stone traps and such like and they are then steam peeled and sorted by hand and then diced or sliced as required by the customer. The Product is then blanched and cooled. From there the vegetables are run through the optical sorting machine which stringently rejects foreign material or blemished products outside strict parameters and removes them to be used for animal food. The product is then quick frozen via our IQF blast freezer.
A further manual inspection process is carried out and the product is then placed into packaging where it will be sealed, labelled and finally metal detected before the finished product is put into onsite mobile racked cold store, ready to be shipped to the customer.


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