General Data Protection and Privacy Policy

AP (East Anglia) Ltd holds personal data relating to your company. We are now legally obliged to inform you of the data held and how we use it under General Protection Regulation (GDPR) 25.05.2018

Information held in relation to your company will include:

Company Name
VAT Number
Company Contacts
Telephone Numbers
Email Addresses
Bank Details

This information is stored within our accounting system and Microsoft software on our server, information is only accessible by authorised personnel with individual passwords.

Paperwork from your company is kept cabinets only accessible by authorised personnel in our offices which are locked when the personnel are not present.

We will only use the data held for your company in the process of our normal trading activities with yourselves, we will not share your information with any outside company without your prior permission.

Should you wish to object to us holding your data, you may do so in writing however if it is deemed that the data is essential to maintain business relations with your company, we will request alternative details are provided

Please be assured of our best intentions to protect / process your data within GDPR

For and on behalf of AP (East Anglia) Ltd.


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